The secret policeman's supernumary nipple.

Welcome to the Secret Secret Area. ULTRA WIN: We've updated this part of the site, and as we get closer and closer to GO(ku) TIME® more and more stuff applies itself to our humble site and more and more of the old stuff disappears. HERE IS WHAT HAS DISAPPEARED:
+ Init
+ The Son of Synk sample

These have disappeared to make way for:
+ The album booklet
+ Hybrid part 2

I know, it's exciting that you finally get to hear part of the behemoth song that took us four and a half months to write. Keep in mind this is part TWO, not part THREE as your songticker will proudly proclaim - one fucked up the ID3 tag.

Hybrid part two
- Part of the 14:41 monster Hybrid, in 128kbps Stereo
Trumps - 3m 30s
Leaving Unnatural Light - 5m 50s

Hybrid Flaming Alien Outer Space Piano From Hell
FULL liner notes from the forthcoming album.
Pitbull / Mamajama Art 1
/ 2
Big Trippy... inside sleeve for future CD maybe.
Mamajama art... for the promo single. Email us for a copy.

Other Stuff
Some lyrics with which we are working
Our Blog (well, not ours, someone elses on which we post. Matt claims he owns it. He's lying.)