The secret policeman's ball.

Welcome to the Secret Secret Area. Here you will find weird and wacky weird wackiness, or maybe that shred of sanity you needed in your day. We'll be posting our lives here. Enjoy.

- 5m 5s
Pitbull / Mamajama - 7m 7s
Leaving Unnatural Light - 5m 50s - Two week Secret Secret Only thing, which will be for all songs in the future.

Pitbull / Mamajama Art 1 / 2
Big Trippy... inside sleeve for future CD maybe.
Mamajama art... for the promo single. Email us for a copy.

Other Stuff
Some lyrics with which we are working
A preview of synkronicity 2
or synkronicity .NUXX (working title.. if anyone has any ideas, email us)

This song is very much in the working stage... just thought you would want to hear our first song with vocals.