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09/02/2004 : New Readable Site is Up

New special readable site is up. The other site was too slow. It's my fault. Blame me.
In other news, new track Pitbull / Mamajama (previously titled Pitbull Salad Sandwich / Mamajama - we decided that was too random) is on the site, and is out first medley type song. We're slowly turning into Underworld. (I wish.)

PS: Rhythmic pathces officially kick ass.

10/02/2004 : Secret vinyl?

Morgan is secretly planning to have a limited edition dub plate made as soon as we have enough tracks and money. By limited edition we mean one edition. By dub plate we mean one-off vinyl, which costs a heck of a lot less than a master vinyl but produces only one, as opposed to hundreds of records. Don't tell Matt though.

Oh wait. Shit.


Right-Click and hit 'Save Target As...' to download tracks. (I know. I think QuickTime 6 is stupid too.)

Synkronicity - 5m 5s

Pitbull / Mamajama - 7m 7s


A strange adventure barely underway....

River of Bass is Matt Simmons and Morgan Harris.
Matt is Teh Rhythm Man and Morgan is Teh Tune Man (kind of) (not really. It used to be that way, but those things are sort of dissolving. Matt still has no sense of tune, though, and Morgan still has no sense of rhtyhm).
Matt has been playing the drums for nigh on seven years and Morgan has played the piano (intermittently) for approximately the same amount of time.
River of Bass use Reason 2.5 and a Yamaha DX9 to make teh funkeh tunes.
They list:

as their music aspirational thingummy people.


www.underworld-jbo.com - Underworld's official site.
www.dirty.org/underworld - Underworld's unofficial, but more informative, site.

www.sluggy.com - Sluggy Freelance webcomic.
www.achewood.com - Achewood webcomic. Very random.
www.goats.com - Goats webcomic. We like webcomics.
www.evil.com - Weird online newspaper (?) like thing thats pretty hilarious.
wrongwayround.keenspace.com - Webcomic that Matt is involved with (somehow).


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