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09/02/2004 : New Readable Site is Up To Top

New special readable site is up. The other site was too slow. It's my fault. Blame me.
In other news, new track Pitbull / Mamajama (previously titled Pitbull Salad Sandwich / Mamajama - we decided that was too random) is on the site, and is out first medley type song. We're slowly turning into Underworld. (I wish.)

PS: Rhythmic pathces officially kick ass.

10/02/2004 : Secret vinyl? To Top

Morgan is secretly planning to have a limited edition dub plate made as soon as we have enough tracks and money. By limited edition we mean one edition. By dub plate we mean one-off vinyl, which costs a heck of a lot less than a master vinyl but produces only one, as opposed to hundreds of records. Don't tell Matt though.

Oh wait. Shit.

01/04/2004 : Mmm... mailing list. To Top

No, not really. Mailing lists are annoying things that you don't want to be on and who send you shit-you-don't-really-want-but-feel-morally-obligated-to-at-least-look. Then you do look and it's so shit that you wish you'd never looked.
Such is not the case here.
We don't care if you actually read the things we send you. We don't care if you block our address. But you will be missing out on all sorts of weird and wacky wonderful things. Oh well. Your loss. Click Sign Up! at left to gain access to the Secret Secret Area.

Also: The news page has now been officially limited to two items. Older news may be seen in the Archives.

21/06/2004 : Hybrid flaming alien outer space piano from hellTo Top

Well, it has indeed been a long time. In fact, it has been a long time coming really; we've been doing such a lot and haven't really cared to let you know about it. Well, now you do! By the way, the two songs that were previously in public access can now no longer be found anywhere on the site ever. Now there'll be Leaving Unnatural Light there, but nothing else. Really, if you come to this site, just sign up. You don't know what you're missing. No, we won't spam you. No, we won't sell your email address. No, we don't really care. We just want to feel wanted.
In real news: The album is all planned up. We have cover art. We have a good majority of the songs. We will probably spend about three or four months fixing up all the other tracks, mastering and such, and then BANG! Hybrid flaming alien outer space piano from hell. This, in case you haven't figured it out, is the album name. Cover art is available in the secret secret area - yet another reason to sign up. In fact, there are no reasons not to. Just do it.

23/08/2004 : I'm sorry, I really am.To Top

I am truly sorry if I've been keeping anyone in suspense or something, but the album is still a long way off. I know, it's been more than two months since there's been an update, and as a matter of fact, there still isn't one. We have written one new song, 'Plastic Cups', which is our first finished song with lyrics. I'm not going to put it on the site, it's not worth the bother. Just buy the CD when it comes out.
There have been a few minor updates: We've decided to do a cover of Underworld's 'Tongue', and we will probably tack it on to the end of 'On Music and Fractal Landscapes', if indeed we put it on the album at all. Which of course we will, probably. It's all rather hazy at the moment, details are as of yet unconfirmed. Hybrid is still going, we've put a lot of work into it and we're at about... eight minutes, I think? Something like that. The album won't be out for a while, at the very least until after the summer holidays.
So this isn't a real update, just letting you know what's going on.

18/10/2004 : Okay, actual progress now.To Top

Yes, real, actual progress. The progress is namely that we have FINISHED WRITING Hybrid (Flaming Alien Outer Space Piano From Hell, which we generally refer to as just Hybrid), and we have also sort of started on On Music And Fractal Landscapes, which the now second from last track on the album, the last is definitely Tongue. Also, where there were nine tracks, there are now fifteen, although there are still actually nine songs. Merely some songs are broken into two or more tracks, just to confuse you. This'll teach you to read the liner notes (or the website). "When I put in the CD, it comes up as fifteen tracks, but there's only nine listed on the back cover...." Mwahaha! Pretention is the name of our game, in case you haven't figured this out by now. By the way, I will try to update more often than once every two months, especially since as we get closer and closer to releasing the album more shit will happen, probably.
In other news, we haven't put Hybrid in the Secret Secret area, basically because it is fourteen minutes and forty one seconds long. Also, we are using the the artwork of Alex Tulett in our liner notes, for those of you who saw it on the exhibition night (may I remind that about fourteen people showed up, which is fewer than the number of performers, let alone artists as well.) Tulett's was the one with ME ME ME... yes, you remember it now. As soon as we get some photos of it, we'll put the entire booklet in the Secret Secret Area.
There is a small update to the Secret Secret Area, we've put in the lyrics for Hybrid. That's it, really.

05/11/2004 : Some minor, some major updates.To Top

Okay, there's not really any major updates but there never are on this website. Basically the updates are as follows:
New stuff in the Secret Secret area - We've changed some songs around and now you can listen to Hybrid, part 2, in crystal clear 128kbps Stereo. Crystal clear in the way that milk is crystal clear.
Also, photos have been taken of Mr Tulett's artwork and thusly the promised PDF of the entire booklet is UP, in the Secret Secret Area.
So go, noble warrior, go and log in / sign up, and view these mystical pleasures.
PS: We have updated the links section.

20/01/2005 : We creep ever closer and closer.

It's official! The launch date for Hybrid is 1st of February, and although the actual 'launch' (if indeed there is one at all) will certainly not be on that date, the album will become available. There will be a number of different editions available, the number changing depending on how trained your eyes - and ears - are. Here's the tracklisting for one of them (or two of them, depending on how you look at it):

Disc 1
Pitbull / Mamajama
Plastic Cups
Hybrid Flaming Alien Outerspace Piano From Hell
Leaving Unnatural Light
Switch Bitch / Trumps
Son Of Synkronicity
On Music And Fractal Landscapes / Tongue

Disc 2
OMAFL / Leaving Unnatural Light (JD Lysdexic Soundclash)
Synkronicity (JD Lysdexic Ambientstar Remix)
Trumps (DJ Fractyl Speculashn Remix)
On Music And Fractal Landscapes (Single Edit)
Mamajama (Single Edit)
Hybrid Part Two (Single Edit)
Son Of Synkronicity (Acoustic)
Mamajama Music Video

I'm sorry for not updating in two months. Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! And all that jazz!